Artisan Bouquet

  • Cutie Mouse Bouquet


    Cutie Mouse Bouquet

    RM 60

  • Pinky Bunny


    Pinky Bunny

    RM 60

  • Bunny Fairy Bouquet


    Wonder you can create with flower! Artisan flower that turn a flower into a bunny fairy, genuinely hand crafted decoration on the flower! Have a bunny fairy Christmas !

    RM 45

  • Cotton flower with artisan flower


    Love that never fade! Celebrate this Christmas with a bouquet that last for long time, cotton flower with artisan flower.

    RM 45

  • Coloured cotton flower with artisan flower


    Freeze the moment ! Gift of love that last forever ! Coloured cotton flower with artisan flower that sweeten your day !

    RM 45

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